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the surprising truth about Indian food

(This year, we published many inspiring and amazing stories that made us fall crazy with the planet – and this is often one of our favorites. Click here for the complete list). I was during a narrow kitchen in Mumbai, one among India’s most strikingly modern cities, watching ancient cornmeal being cooked on vessels of baked clay. Utensils made up of leaves, wood, and metal were scattered across the kitchen. The food was being prepared using only ingredients native to the subcontinent, which meant that the sharpness of chilies (native to Mexico) and therefore the starch of the potatoes (imported from South America) were missing. “No cabbages, cauliflower, peas or carrots, either,” said Kasturirangan Ramanujam, one among the cooks preparing the meal. But that won’t stop him from making an elaborate feast for my family which will include rice, the mulligatawny-like saatramudu, protein-rich kuzhambu gravy, and an astonishing array of vegetables and snacks. This is the shraadha meal