not everyone is aware of the large function of water in the body so that they often drink less

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the large function of water in the body so that they often drink less.

Ika Widyatama from KlikDokter, besides being able to get you dehydrated, lack of drinking water can cause interference with bodily functions, causing health problems.

Ika, continuously the human body secretes fluid through the process of breathing, urinating and large, and when sweating through the skin.

In order not to procrastinate from drinking, you must know the important function of water in the human body, as stated by Dr.

One of the main functions of water is to regulate the temperature so that the body remains stable in hot conditions.

"For example, after 12 more hours of fasting, you feel thirsty. Then it feels warm inside. That is due to dehydration because the air outside is very hot. Well, the water functions to regulate the body temperature to remain stable in hot conditions," said dr.

Water in the body also functions to lubricate joint lubricants.

Another function of water is to protect organs and tissues in the body.

"Remember, all the cells in the body are water. So, it's very important to have enough water," said Dr.

"When talking about constipation, most people will think of fiber problems. Don't forget, water also plays a role here. Before being discharged into dirt, the water is absorbed by the body," Dr.

Water also functions to dissolve nutrients and bring them to various parts of the body.

"Whose nutrient is carried by? Of course by blood, and the blood is 80 percent more component than water," said the veiled woman.

So you can imagine if you lack water, of course the process of carrying nutrients in all organs of the body will be disrupted.

"So in the human body there are biochemical processes to digest carbohydrates, proteins, fats. All of that requires water as a buffer. Without water, the body cannot metabolize these substances. And, of course, your body's metabolism will also be disrupted."

Given the vital function of water for the human body, always ensure the daily adequacy of your fluids.

In addition, try to drink water compared to colored water and other tastes.

Water is relatively easier and quickly absorbed by the body.


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