Momentum that is Very much awaited for Muslims throughout the World

Momentum that is Very much awaited for Muslims throughout the World

The holy month of Ramadan is a very awaited momentum for Muslims around the world.

For a Muslim, preparing for health is the main thing to consider, given that for a month this body will withstand thirst and hunger.

Perhaps some of us only know, the fasting we live for a month is a form of faith and righteousness as a Muslim in the running of the 4th Islamic pillar.

But do you know? In terms of health, fast activities will improve our health, and keep us from harmful diseases.

Beyond the holy month, many people – Muslims and non-Muslims – choose to incorporate fasting into their daily lives as a means to improve their health, lose weight, and improve their brain function.

A research team at the University of Texas recently did a study of intermittent fasting, and found that the time-fasting is limited, whether through a period with little or no food, can reduce inflammation, increase fat Blood and help with weight loss.

Participants do not reduce their Total calorie count-only the time period they are consumed.

 "During fasting, cells are pressed and this can help reduce weight because fat is used as a source of energy," says clinical nutritionist, an Archana outfit from Burjeel Hospital, Abu Dhabi, as reported by the Thenational page on Monday.

This helps maintain blood sugar and cholesterol levels.

Fasting during Ramadan also gives people the opportunity to reconstruct their metabolism, forcing the body to work harder for hours without food and drink, and using fat sources.

If people break their fast with healthy and nutritious food when the body needs it most, and choose healthy, carbohydrate-weight option for food before dawn then it will regulate the metabolism throughout the day to get the nutrients Most of the food consumed, and this in turn will increase energy levels.

Fasting can also have a positive impact on brain productivity.

A study conducted by US researchers found that fasting pushes our brains into stress, causing them to produce proteins known as brain-derived neurotropic factors – or BDNF – that help promote Brain stem cell rejuvenation.

Other U.S. studies, conducted by the National Institute of Aging, found that fasting can reduce the impact on Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's.

Although fasting is the center of attention during Ramadan, fasting is not only exclusive to the holy month of Ramadan.

Many devout Muslims choose to fast every Monday and Thursday, as recommended by the Prophet Muhammad, and on the day of ' Arafah before Eid al-Adha.


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