Fried food is known to be tasty, but not healthy

Well, for those of you lovers of savory and crunchy food, eating fried foods can actually stay healthy, really.

But make no mistake, this well-known oil can also be used for frying, either sauteing or deep fried.

But, you can work around this by replacing ordinary cooking oil with olive oil that has healthy fat content.

According to him, one type of oil that is healthy enough to consume is olive oil or olive oil.

The content of healthy fats in olive oil is quite high, which is 73 percent.

It was stated by Alberto Perez Martin as the Head of Asia of Bertolli Olive Oil, olive oil is now increasingly in demand by the people of Indonesia because besides providing its own taste, this oil is also healthier.

So, besides being healthy, Bertolli Olive Oil is also guaranteed to be halal for consumption.

This is because healthy fats can reduce LDL levels, also known as bad fats.

In addition, olive oil is also a good source of antioxidants for the body.

By understanding how to cook healthy, you can at the same time invite your family to participate in living a healthy lifestyle.

"Olive oil is one of the main components in a healthy Mediterranean diet. You can use it when you want to cook pasta or salad, or even as a substitute for mayonnaise," he explained.

You can also use this oil to fry deep fried, to get a crunchy food texture.

Interesting, right? Because it turns out fried foods can also be healthy depending on how they are processed.

In addition to considering the various things above, to stay healthy, Dr.

Alvin reminds you to always adopt a healthy lifestyle, including in terms of controlling food intake.

"Diet is one component of a healthy lifestyle. In addition to maintaining intake, try to avoid unhealthy habits such as smoking and consuming alcoholic beverages. This method can also help you ward off stress," he explained.

However, you can still maintain health despite eating fried foods, by replacing ordinary types of oil with olive oil.


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