During the fasting month we experience a change in eating schedule

From dawn to breaking the body do not get food and drink for about 13 hours.

The new body gets intake during dawn and breaking fast.

Well, welcoming Eid al-Fitr, we need to refresh our bodies after a full month of fasting.

Dates are one of the fruits that are beneficial to health.

So do not be surprised if nutritionists recommend that we consume dates when breaking fast.

Because it contains high macronutrients so that it can develop the body's freshness.

In addition to eating whole dates, we can enjoy native dates in different ways, namely palm juice drinks.

Fayrouz, a genuine fruit juice drink with soft soda, now comes with a refreshing selection of the latest flavors, Fayrouz dates.

"As is well known, dates are one of the staple foods in the month of Ramadan, because it is believed to be useful to restore lost energy after a day of fasting," said Bambang Britono, Director, PT Tirta Prima Indonesia at a media meeting in Jakarta on Tuesday.

Departing from these facts, Fayrouz presents the newest variant of dates, which are very suitable to restore the freshness of the body and soul for those who are tired after carrying out various fasting rituals.

"Fayrouz Dates that are fresh and light are very suitable to be enjoyed with friends and family while relaxing during the fasting month or later in the celebration of Eid al-Fitr," he said.

Fayrouz is a genuine fruit juice drink with a mild, soft soda to be consumed when relaxing after fasting to restore the body's freshness.

This drink comes in two flavors, namely, pineapple and pear.

The presence of Fayrouz dates, which originates from the original date palm juice, will give a fresh and sweet sensation to the people of Indonesia who must have been very familiar with the taste of the original fruit from the Middle East, and become excellent during this fasting month.


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