cervical cancer is a type of cancer that ranks 4th most often experienced by women

WHO World Health Organization says, cervical cancer is a type of cancer that ranks 4th most often experienced by women.

Cervical cancer or cervical cancer is one of the health problems that become a scourge, especially for women.

HPV vaccination is recommended as a prevention effort from cervical cancer.

Vaccination can be given to women aged 9-26 years.

Giving vaccinations is considered the most effective when a woman has not been sexually active.

Pap smear examination is useful for detecting cervical cell abnormalities.

That way, if there is an abnormality in the cervix it can be immediately given appropriate treatment and prevent the possibility of cervical cancer.

Pap smear is recommended for women since they are 21 years old.

Women aged 21 to 29 years must take pap smears every 3 years.

Meanwhile, women aged 30 to 65 years must do a pap smear every 5 years accompanied by other supporting examinations, namely HPV tests. HPV tests are useful for finding the presence of the HPV virus in cervical tissue that has the potential to cause cervical cancer.

Avoid having sex with more than one person.

Because the condition can increase the risk of HPV transmission which has the potential to cause cervical cancer.

Not only penetrative sexual relations of the genitals, transmission of HPV can be through various forms of sexual relations such as oral sex, anal sex, to the use of sex aids.

Not only has the potential to damage cervical cells, smoking can also prevent the body from fighting HPV infections that occur.

Before cervical cancer comes to you, do some of the prevention efforts recommended above, as well as possible.

Another important thing you need to do is, check your health routine to the doctor.

Thus, the doctor can provide appropriate treatment regarding prevention or early treatment if you are indicated to have cervical cancer.


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