the surprising truth about Indian food

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I was during a narrow kitchen in Mumbai, one among India’s most strikingly modern cities, watching ancient cornmeal being cooked on vessels of baked clay. Utensils made up of leaves, wood, and metal were scattered across the kitchen. The food was being prepared using only ingredients native to the subcontinent, which meant that the sharpness of chilies (native to Mexico) and therefore the starch of the potatoes (imported from South America) were missing.

“No cabbages, cauliflower, peas or carrots, either,” said Kasturirangan Ramanujam, one among the cooks preparing the meal. But that won’t stop him from making an elaborate feast for my family which will include rice, the mulligatawny-like saatramudu, protein-rich kuzhambu gravy, and an astonishing array of vegetables and snacks.

This is the shraadha meal that&…

4 Natural Ingredients that can cope with Hypertension or High blood if consumed regularly

Hypertension or high blood pressure, and diseases that can kill quietly as it shows no symptoms.

A person who has hypertension will not realize the damage that occurred to their internal organs.

In fact, hypertension can cause strokes, heart attacks, as well as damage to important internal organs such as the kidneys.

Hypertension is caused when blood pressure soars beyond the normal limit of more than 120/80 to 140/90.

In World Hypertension Day momentum, on May 17th, the world community is invited to be able to control a healthy lifestyle and limit high salt foods.

Regular blood pressure screening is essential for detecting early conditions that can cause stroke and heart disease.

In addition to going to the doctor's examination, is there any other steps to control blood pressure?

Reporting from NDTV, Monday, there are 4 ingredients or spices that can cope with hypertension naturally if consumed regularly.

That is, blood pressure can be regular at normal levels while still support…

Momentum that is Very much awaited for Muslims throughout the World

The holy month of Ramadan is a very awaited momentum for Muslims around the world.

For a Muslim, preparing for health is the main thing to consider, given that for a month this body will withstand thirst and hunger.

Perhaps some of us only know, the fasting we live for a month is a form of faith and righteousness as a Muslim in the running of the 4th Islamic pillar.

But do you know? In terms of health, fast activities will improve our health, and keep us from harmful diseases.

Beyond the holy month, many people – Muslims and non-Muslims – choose to incorporate fasting into their daily lives as a means to improve their health, lose weight, and improve their brain function.

A research team at the University of Texas recently did a study of intermittent fasting, and found that the time-fasting is limited, whether through a period with little or no food, can reduce inflammation, increase fat Blood and help with weight loss.

Participants do not reduce their Total calorie count-only the time peri…

Fried food is known to be tasty, but not healthy

Well, for those of you lovers of savory and crunchy food, eating fried foods can actually stay healthy, really.

But make no mistake, this well-known oil can also be used for frying, either sauteing or deep fried.

But, you can work around this by replacing ordinary cooking oil with olive oil that has healthy fat content.

According to him, one type of oil that is healthy enough to consume is olive oil or olive oil.

The content of healthy fats in olive oil is quite high, which is 73 percent.

It was stated by Alberto Perez Martin as the Head of Asia of Bertolli Olive Oil, olive oil is now increasingly in demand by the people of Indonesia because besides providing its own taste, this oil is also healthier.

So, besides being healthy, Bertolli Olive Oil is also guaranteed to be halal for consumption.

This is because healthy fats can reduce LDL levels, also known as bad fats.

In addition, olive oil is also a good source of antioxidants for the body.

By understanding how to cook healthy, you …

breast cancer because they contain phenolic acids

A study by researchers at the University of Navarra and Jaen University in Spain found that certain foods could protect against the risk of post-menopausal breast cancer because they contain phenolic acids.

Phenolic acids are found in a variety of plant foods, including grains, blueberries, citrus fruits, wheat and rice.

For the study, presented at the European Congress on Obesity in Glasgow, the researchers looked at the relationship between phenolic acid and breast cancer in 11,028 women.

Each participant analyzed their phenolic acid intake over an average period of 12 years, and during that time the researchers found 101 cases of breast cancer.

To ascertain how much phenolic acid they consumed, women were asked to report how often they consumed 136 different types of food through a questionnaire.

These quinerary results are then compared with a database that has information about how rich phenolic acid is in each food.

The researchers found that those who consumed the highest hydr…

The most common way to detect the presence of a disease is to recognize

The most common way to detect the presence of a disease is to recognize symptoms and complaints that occur, such as pain, swelling, dizziness and more.

But health experts from the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Foundation in Chicago, USA, have unique and different ways to detect the presence of disease.

That is, from smelling the smell that comes out of the patient's body and mouth.

Ellen Theodora told KlikDokter, several types of diseases can be detected from the patient's body through body odor, urine odor, and the smell of dirt when defecating.

High blood pressure associated with pregnancy is called preeclampsia.

This is an early warning sign of eclampsia that is deadly, and needs to be detected early so that immediate treatment can be given.

It is said that pregnant mother's breath has a unique marker that can reveal many things about health, including preeclampsia.

According to the Neurological Director of the Smell & Taste Research and Treatment Founda…

not everyone is aware of the large function of water in the body so that they often drink less

Unfortunately, not everyone is aware of the large function of water in the body so that they often drink less.

Ika Widyatama from KlikDokter, besides being able to get you dehydrated, lack of drinking water can cause interference with bodily functions, causing health problems.

Ika, continuously the human body secretes fluid through the process of breathing, urinating and large, and when sweating through the skin.

In order not to procrastinate from drinking, you must know the important function of water in the human body, as stated by Dr.

One of the main functions of water is to regulate the temperature so that the body remains stable in hot conditions.

"For example, after 12 more hours of fasting, you feel thirsty. Then it feels warm inside. That is due to dehydration because the air outside is very hot. Well, the water functions to regulate the body temperature to remain stable in hot conditions," said dr.

Water in the body also functions to lubricate joint lubricants.